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At Contre Property Management, we’re here to help you with a wide range of services in Northern Texas.

From the moment you decide to look for an investment property until the moment you’re ready to sell, we’ll be there. Our property management experts will be your front line in finding the perfect tenants for your properties and maintaining those relationships.

Below you’ll find all the ways our professionals will assist you in your property ownership experience from beginning to end!

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At the Beginning

The moment you request services from Contre Property Management, your satisfaction becomes our highest priority. Here are a few ways we help in your initial property ownership experience:

Pinpointing your ideal investment property can be a near-insurmountable barrier for some. We can help tear down that barrier and locate your best investment in North Texas. We’ll look for property locations with high potential and only suggest those we’re confident will provide you with the best return on your investment.

Navigating Your Acquisition

After we’ve helped you determine which North Texas property is right for you, it’s time to buy. We’ll assist you with contract coordination during the purchase of your property. In other words, we’ll make sure all the ducks are in a row to ensure you’re both getting the best deal and all the legal items are in order.

Now that you’re a proud property owner, it’s time to put the word out that you’ve got a rental space available. Contre will utilize a variety of marketing tools to raise the awareness of potential tenants. Our experienced team knows how to attract the best tenants -- the ones your rental property deserves.

Screening Tenants

After Contre’s marketing techniques have attracted a variety of potential tenants, we’ll then start the screening process of the best candidates. During the screening process, we’ll check financial history, credit score, criminal history, and more. We don’t want you to be surprised by a bad resident, so we do everything we can to make sure you’re only getting the highest quality renters.

Once we’ve collaborated to find your ideal tenant, it’s time to sign. Contre Property Management will draft and proof the lease contracts to make sure they’re complete and legally sound. This helps to protect you, the owner, if issues should come up during the course of their lease. You can rest easy knowing that Contre has crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s.

A move-in inspection is a vital part of the tenant onboarding process. It provides you a baseline to compare your later move-out inspection to so that you can assess damages and determine what the tenant is liable for. Normally, both the landlord and the tenant will complete a move-in inspection so that they both understand what the beginning state of the unit is. Contre Property Management will take on the task of performing and collecting these inspection reports so that you’ll have the least likelihood of taking on the cost of extensive repairs when your renter moves out.

In the Middle

After you’ve found your property and your ideal tenant, Contre Property Management will help you maintain a healthy landlord-renter relationship. Here are some of the key functions of the property manager during the course of the lease:

When it comes time for you to get paid, chasing down payments from tenants can be a headache. Contre Property Management will take on the burden. If your residents ever miss payments, Contre will collect. This gives you the peace of mind that your investment income will be steady without you having to track down your money.

Maintenance is one of the key responsibilities of a landlord. When Contre manages your property, they’ll manage it for you! The professionals at Contre Property Management will coordinate with vendors and maintenance workers to help solve your tenant’s issues as soon as they come up — which helps preserve your reputation as a landlord and promotes solid relationships with residents and third-party vendors alike.

If you use Contre Property Management to manage your investment property in North Texas, you’ll also get the benefit of the Comfort Club maintenance program from Force Home Services. Comfort Club is a team of professional technicians devoted to keeping your plumbing and HVAC systems running at peak efficiency all year round. Regular maintenance of these systems both extends their life and reduces energy costs for you and your residents.

Regularly inspecting your properties is key for extending the life of your investment. This both ensures your assets are staying in good shape and that your tenants are complying with the terms established in the lease. Contre Property Management can perform these inspections on your behalf and give you the peace of mind that your investment is being treated well.

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At the End

Whether it’s time to find a new tenant or time to find a new investment property, endings will inevitably come. These endings are often smooth transitions, but can sometimes be a little rough depending on the resident. Here are some ways that Contre Property Management in North Texas can help you navigate the conclusion of a renter-landlord relationship:

When a tenant has made the decision to move out, the most important thing for a landlord to do is to conduct a move-out inspection. A move-out inspection allows you to compare the end-state of the unit to the move-in inspection form. This allows the landlord to ensure they are properly charging the resident for any damages incurred during their tenure. Contre will perform the inspections and help you decide how to charge the tenant for any damages.

Move-Out Reports

After the move-out inspection is completed, Contre Property Management will compile the details and produce a move-out report. A move-out report allows you to view all the logistics of the move-out process and provides a tangible document to file for tax and legal purposes.

Move-Out Logistics

There’s a lot of clerical and financial work that has to be completed when a tenant moves out. Paperwork, such as the move-out report mentioned previously, has to be filled out and filed. This ensures you have an accurate record of your resident’s tenure should their future property managers reach out for references. Additionally, items such as deposit returns must be figured out. Contre Property Management can take the chaos out of this process with an experienced and organized approach to the move-out process.

Eviction is a word that neither landlords nor tenants want to hear, but sometimes evicting a tenant is necessary. This can be done for nonpayment or a severe breach of lease terms. No matter the reason, evicting a renter can be an uncomfortable and long process. The decision to evict should not be taken lightly, but when it has to be done, the professionals at Contre Property Management can help the process go as smoothly as possible.

Next Resident

Once the previous tenant has vacated, it’s time to start thinking about your next renter. Using reliable maintenance workers and vendors, Contre Property Management will help fix up any damages and clean the unit to make it like new. Then, we’ll help you start the process of finding your next resident and stick with you from the beginning to the end of the lease!

From Move In to Move Out, We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you’re taking the first step in becoming an investment property owner or you’ve got years of ownership under your belt, Contre Property Management can help. Our experienced team in Denton County can help you manage any of your properties in Northern Texas. Managing an investment property can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be. Find a property management group you can trust. Contact Contre today for reliable service and assistance with maintaining your investment!

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