If you own investment properties, you likely already know how much of a headache it can be to juggle tenants, taxes, fees, maintenance — the list goes on. Despite this, there are so many property owners who try to handle all the chaos on their own. The idea is to make more money by not employing a third-party, but sometimes the stress of managing properties can simply be too much. That’s where property management companies come in. Find out how property management groups like Contre Property Management can help give you peace of mind with your investment properties!



Get The Best Property Management Services


1. They can help you charge the right amount for your property.

It’s a property manager’s business to know current market rates and trends. When determining what rates you should charge, property managers will conduct thorough market research. They’ll determine the supply and demand of units like yours to see what’s reasonable for you to charge. Not only will this help you make sure you’re maximizing your income, but it will also help you keep your properties occupied. This will encourage those low-vacancy rates all landlords should strive to see!

2. They’ll handle the day-to-day logistics

From communicating with your renters to collecting rent and arranging maintenance requests, property managers will be responsible for making sure your business is under control. They’ll oversee your rent income flow and let you know when something comes up that requires your attention. Plus, they’ll be the front line to communicate with vendors and make sure your reputation in the area as a property owner stays golden. This allows you to pursue other ventures without having to stress over the little details of property ownership. 


3. They’ll make sure you get the best tenants in your units.

Property managers will utilize a variety of tools to find and check potential renters. They’ll make sure your tenants have the means to afford your property’s rent, don’t have red flags on their background checks, and are fully informed on all the rules and expectations you have for your renters. Once they’ve found suitable tenants, they will maintain that tenant-landlord relationship with effective and consistent communication. 


4. They’ll help you with the legal stuff.

There are tons of laws, codes, and regulations that apply to the owning and leasing of property. Property managers are trained in these rules and regulations, whether they be local, state, or federal. They’ll make sure your properties aren’t breaking any legal guidelines, including fair housing regulations. They’ll keep your property and your paperwork up-to-date and in compliance with all current property laws.


So, do you have properties that are a headache to manage? Are you unsure what you need to do to make renting out your unit legally sound? Maybe you’re just interested in expanding your property investment opportunities by getting help managing the ones you already have. Whatever the case, a property management group can help. For property management solutions in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, contact Contre Property Management today!