Don’t Let Units Sit Vacant in Your Investment Property

Whether you own a single-family home or a large multi-unit complex, if you don’t have a tenant for the property, you’re not making money. Marketing your investment property is a key part of ensuring its success, but there are a range of marketing methods and it takes knowledge and experience to do it right. When you work with Contre Property Management, we’ll help market your Denton property using methods that we know work.

Understanding the Demographic

Marketing for a single-family home is different than marketing for a multi-unit property. We will take the time to get to know the unique features and benefits of your property, identify a target demographic, and will create a strategy based on what we learn and find.

Create Targeted Listings

Just like writing a cover letter for a job posting, when we create marketing materials for your property, we’re creating them with the end tenant in mind. If your property has a large backyard and spacious bedrooms, we can highlight these features to attract families with kids. If your property allows pets, we can target pet owners. We can also create listings and materials that are detailed and straightforward, making it easy for potential renters to see the benefits of the property.

Professional Photos

There’s nothing worse than marketing an investment property using low-quality photos that don’t actually show the benefits of the unit. Professional photos can go a long way in making a property or unit appealing and attractive to renters. Both exterior and interior images need to be clean and give a realistic portrayal of the property.

Get Online

There are a variety of effective online marketing strategies for rental properties, such as social media platforms, ads, and targeting specific regions. Being online allows us to reach a larger audience, increasing the potential for more tenants, and making it easier to find the best tenants. Contre Property Management can implement these strategies in a cost-effective manner.

Understanding how to implement certain marketing strategies takes a lot of experience and knowledge. The team at Contre Property management has years of experience and can provide expert marketing services for your property, ensuring that individual units or an entire single-family home is never without a tenant for long.

If you’re looking for a property management company in the Denton, TX area, get in touch with us today. From helping you find a property, to marketing it, to writing up contracts, and more, we offer a full range of property management services to support you and maintain a successful investment property.