Find the Right Property Investment

Investing in real estate has the potential to be very lucrative, but there are many factors that play a role in the success of a property. Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or have multiple properties under your belt, Contre Property Management can provide a unique insight into how to make your investments successful.

From the very beginning, we’ll be there to offer guidance and support, ensuring that you make informed decisions that will pay off in the future. If you’re looking for a new investment property, here are some ways our team will help.

Discuss Goals and Create a Strategy

Successful property investors have clearly defined goals and a detailed outline of how to make them happen. We will help you take a close look at what you want to achieve and can offer personalized guidance to make sure you get there.

Determine the Best Type of Property

Single-family homes, apartment complexes, commercial properties — there are various types of properties and all come with their own benefits, challenges, and strategy. Contre Property Management will discuss your needs, budget, and long-term goals to help you decide which type of property is best for you.

Discuss the Location

A significant factor in the success of an investment property is its location. What type of neighborhood is it in, what amenities are closeby, what school district is it in, etc. These questions will help determine how successful a property will be.

Analyze the Neighborhood/Community

In addition to the location of the property, we’ll also look at the health of the neighborhood. This can include factors like vacancy rates and growth indicators. If the location of the property is great, but the neighborhood itself is seeing a decline in demand, there is a higher risk.

Financing and Down Payment

If you need financing, we’ll look at all possible options and find the best lender and rates for your budget. Contre can also help you determine how much of a down payment is best, which can start as low as 5% in some cases (it doesn’t need to be the standard 20%). Helping manage the acquisition of the investment property is another one of our services.

Evaluate Property Taxes, Insurance, HOA Fees, etc.

There are various costs involved with investment properties outside of the property itself. We’ll look at all potential costs in order to determine if the property fits your budget.

If you’re ready to start investing in real estate, contact the team at Contre Property Management. Whatever your goals are, we will help you be successful.