Guidance Throughout the Tenant Eviction Process

Not many property owners are familiar with eviction laws, so if you’re struggling with a tenant who owes months of rent or has broken a term of the rental agreement, the team at Contre Property Management can offer support and guidance.

One of the most challenging parts is understanding when it’s necessary to start the process, how to give notice, and what exactly the process after notice has been given.

In Texas, a rental agreement can be terminated for a violation, whether it’s unpaid rent or if there is an unauthorized tenant. Landlords do not need to give tenants the opportunity to pay past-due rent or fix the violation of the agreement prior to filing an eviction notice. Landlords do, however, need to give tenants a three-day notice to vacate. In order to evict a tenant, the landlord must win an eviction lawsuit; but the landlord still cannot physically remove the tenant from the unit.

Eviction laws can be complicated, but the property managers at Contre Property Management have years of experience managing tenant-landlord disputes and you can trust that we will offer expert guidance throughout the process.

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